Take the Worry Out of College Planning

Pick. Position. Pay.

For many families, college is a two-step process:

  1. Get your kid into the best school (however that’s defined) possible.
  2. Pay for college.

To be sure, the steps overlap and often don’t even follow the exact order. For example, the best school may be defined by how much financial aid it gives. Step Two may begin far in advance of college, when a family starts a 529 savings plan for a newborn. However, regardless of when the steps occur, or how they overlap, most families use a similar two-step process.

Our PICK POSITION PAY methodology expands this process to three steps designed to be more proactive and to give families greater control and more actionable knowledge.

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The “pick” stage of the process to helps students increase the likelihood of selecting a college that will best match their career goals, skills, interests, and talents. It is our belief that this can help reduce enrollment time and increase on-time graduation rates.
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Families often take a shotgun approach to college applications. Take the academic record you have and apply to schools divided into “safety,” “match,” and “reach” categories. We believe you should go beyond a step many families take to improve a student’s profile – taking SAT/ACT test preparation classes – to assess a student’s entire body of work.
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PayBy picking schools that match the student and then positioning the student for realistic admissions and financial aid decisions, we can help families develop a comprehensive funding plan that considers all options: cost reduction strategies, grants, scholarships, loans, savings, education tax breaks, and cash management.

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